Saturday, October 20, 2012

Animation Final Storyboard draft 1

This is a first draft of a storyboard for my 20 second final animation. The story follows a fire spirit girl in the forest gathering firewood. When a branch snaps, she is startled and begins running out of the woods. While running, she hears a pained animal noise and goes to investigate. She finds a wounded deer with an arrow in its side and tries to help it. In pulling the arrow out of the deer, she accidentally sets it on fire which ends up killing the creature. She then starts to weep over the body. The scene zooms out showing the whole forest catching fire. She just keeps weeping because all she can ever do is destroy, no matter how much she wants to help.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tasty Burger

For my latest animation project, we were given a set of audio clips to choose to make an animation from. The whole process was to practice gestural work in how the character acts with the audio. My take was for two manatees, one eating the burger and one cooking the burger, to have this moment. Why manatees? Because I thought it would be funny if "sea cows" were eating "land cows" raising the ultimate question: can this be called cannibalism?

NOTE: No cows were harmed in the making of this animation. Although it did encourage a hamburger run for dinner.

Sweeter Dreams Animatic

This is an animatic I made for my Visual Narrative and Storyboard class. The project was to make a storyboard for either a 30 second commercial or PSA. I went for the commercial approach creating my own product I named "sweeter dreams." The product is meant to allow the user to control what they dream about and give them the ability to fully control themselves in a form of lucid dreaming.

The song used is a piano adaptation of a song called "Vector to the Heavens" from the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days OST.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3D Bouncing Ball

This is a 3D bouncing ball animation that I created with Maya. I made this animation during my Junior year of High School. At the time, I had never done anything with Maya and the project we did before this animation was modeling a still-life setup our teacher left in the middle of the room. In addition to the bouncing ball, we were required to model an additional object of our choosing, so I made the Companion Cube from the Portal series of games.

EDIT: something weird was happening with my computer when I tried uploading it originally and it wouldn't upload correctly. I have the problem fixed now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Heavenly Inferno

This animation is a simple looping morph animation. The objects used in order are: a dragon, an angel and a demon.

Created by Matt Wydick 2012. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Word Up

This is some goofy stop motion music video I made for an animation class at my High School during my Junior year. The whole project was to create a stop motion video to demonstrate what you could do with it. While most people chose to do fight scenes or use construction paper in a South Park style, I decided to do a fun dance video using a number of different toys/action figures. This video was later submitted to the Ohio State Fair youth arts competition and took 1st place in the 3D animation category. Song used is Korn's cover of Word Up by Cameo.

Catching the Bus

This is an animation I created going into my senior year of High School during CCAD's college preview program. We had 3 weeks in a class that met 3 times a week for 3 hours each class to create a 30 second animation starting from the ground up. My original idea started as a character surfing down an upwards moving escalator just as a silly little gag, but it quickly evolved into a story about someone late to catch the bus using the original idea of surfing in the mall as a means of reaching his goal. It's a silly animation that I later submitted to the Ohio State Fair youth arts division winning 1st place and best of show in the digital art category.