Monday, January 28, 2013

Design for Media: Color Palate ideas

Using the inspirational styles from this post, I created 3 different color palates based on each source of inspiration. The first color palate is inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

For this palate, I wanted some pastel colors along with a deep red which is a characteristic for the witch designs. I chose these colors because I wanted both warm and cool colors that could work with a deep red without looking off.

This second palate is inspired by Studio Ghibli movies:

I wanted a more colorful palate for this one than the previous one with a wider range of colors. When I think of Studio Ghibli movies, I think of these wonderful and colorful animated films and I wanted a color palate to portray that.

The final palate is inspired by the artwork of Steve Argyle:

A cool color palate with some dull colors are what I wanted with this color palate. Steve has a great sense of color and realism so I wanted to do a color palate that's more down to earth and natural.

After I created these different color palate ideas, I then took one of my phobia doll sketches from this post and applied each palate to it. Below are the sketch plus color palate samples:

Since these are just samples and not finals, I did not apply any form of scale for color usage. When I begin designing the final versions, I will include some form of scale.

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