Monday, January 28, 2013

Design for Media: Project update

I have decided to take the idea of the fear dolls from this post into the next stages of the project and renaming them as "Phobia-Dolls." So far I have been working on general templates for parts such as arms and heads which will be present on all dolls. I have also created two questions to ask people for research into real fear. The first question being "what are you afraid of?" and the second asking "is there a reason or story behind this fear?" The questions serve two purposes. The first purpose is that it keeps the stories and inspiration real and keeps me from forcing an idea. The second purpose is that the questions will drive the designs of the doll. Question one establishes the theme of the doll while the second one directs the form of the doll. I apologize if this sounds confusing, but there is a method to this madness. For purposes of demonstration and "warming up," I used myself as an example to test my formula and see what the associated designs might look like.

"What am I afraid of?"
My biggest fear is hurting the people I care about. The theme I establish here is violence.

"Is there a reason or story behind this fear?"
My friends are the most important thing to me, and I would be devastated if I did anything to hurt them. I don't know where I would be if I didn't have such great friends, and I don't know what I would do if I drove them away because I did something stupid. Here is the point where the theme starts to take shape.

The violence theme is too broad, but when I combine that with the reason, I can begin to create a more defined design. The idea of friends being close and not wanting to drive away can become a cage. Cages keep things from getting out, but they also keep things from getting in. Violence adds to the cage with a lining of spikes to further drive away from it. Beyond that, other binding aspects can be added to the appendages of the doll to keep it from getting close to people and act as a two-edged sword. They would serve in hurting others as well as hurting the self. Below are some samples I came up with for the phobia-doll of myself:

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