Monday, February 11, 2013

Design for Media: Phobia-Dolls "Final 1"

The reason I put Final 1 in quotation marks is because this post is for the present state of the dolls for the deadline of the project. I made a number of failures as well as discoveries as more described in this post. I do want to work on these some more outside of the class, but here are the photos of where they currently stand:

1. Death

I spent the most time with this one, which did hinder the process of the other two. The doll itself I am happy with, the cage still needs more work though. My plans for that are to sew the sides together and stuff them adding more solidity to the form and make it seem more like a cage.

2. Control

I did begin to feel the pressure with this doll since the fabric would not cut or be sewn as easily as the others. I would like to completely remake this one taking a little more time and care into working with the fabric.

3. Flying

The layout for this one is made and the pieces are cut out, but due to time constraints, this one has not been fully sewn together yet. 

Final thoughts about the project:

While above I listed things I would like to do with these dolls or failed to do, I did enjoy the challenge. I am an animation major, but I decided to challenge myself with a sewing project. I have done very little sewing before. It forced me to go out and do research, make plans, practice samples, and create a time schedule for myself. These are things that I need to bring into the other aspects of my work habits. It's so easy to slip into doing the same routine projects and styles in my comfort zone, but this made me step out of my comfort zone and take risks. I may make it sound like I made a bunch of failures, but that's because I did. Failure is not always a bad thing. My failures re-sparked the love of the process while teaching me what I need to do and how I can save more time on future projects. I've learned from my mistakes and those can form some of the greatest lessons a person can be taught.

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