Monday, February 11, 2013

Design for Media: Phobia-dolls Process

I severely underestimated how long it would take to create these dolls. Even with all of my previous plans and practicing, it still took a lot of time to even create one of these dolls. I had to draft several different patterns in order to find one that would work for each doll. To test each one, I would cut them out of paper and assemble them  out of the cutouts. In the end, I had to simplify my plans quite a bit. Even after the simplifications, I still had to simplify the dolls to complete them by the deadline. That being said, I believe I have a good start and a better understanding of what works and doesn't work in making these dolls. Given another week or so, I could have the dolls completed in a way that I could be more satisfied with. Below are some of my process photos.

1. In process of making the Death doll. This was the stage where the body was about to be sewn together. Those diamond patterns took quite a bit of time to sew on.

2. Body is being sewn. Preparations had to be made in order to get the ribbons on the bottom to form the dress.

3. and 4. Body is sewn together. Decided to revert back to the headless idea for the doll. Cage needs to be made.

5. Post dolls. My desk is a mess of scraps and remnants of necessary supplements. While the dolls may be in decent shape, my desk is in serious need of cleaning.

6. The mess extends to the floor as well.

7. I piled up some of the more obvious scraps in an attempt to begin cleaning.

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