Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Design for Media: "Wonderland" (Project Pipeline Proposal)

 For my project pipeline proposal, I would like to make a 2-D animation which I've given the working title of "Wonderland" to. Wonderland is about an imaginative little girl who goes to the store with her mother and becomes lost. While searching for her mother, we delve into her imagination and see the world from her eyes. Below I describe a lot of the thought process and ideas behind my proposal as well as a list of roles and a timeline for in case the idea is green-lighted.

Original sketches:
The thought for the child is she would have large, orange, curly hair with a large jacket and scarf. She would be very colorful. The stranger would be some towering monster with lightening bolts in the background. All manner of creatures and settings would be present in the store as her imagination is the limits while searching. Different types of creatures that could exist in this imagination might be washcloth rabbits, shower nozzle elephants, tape dispenser turtles, and the list could go on and on.

Storyboard sample:
The story begins with a mother and daughter entering a store. At some point, the mother and child are separated and the child goes in search of her mother. As she searches, we begin to see this store from the child's point of view as the whole store takes on a new persona. As the child is searching, she accidentally bumps into a stranger. Since children are taught about "stranger danger," the atmosphere turns to  horror as this stranger towers over the child. Frightened, she flees into the clothing aisle in the middle of one of those circular clothing displays. As she cowers, footsteps followed by her mother's voice are heard. now crying, the child steps out of the clothing display and walks up to her mother. The mother picks up the child and they have one large hug. Both relieved that they found the other.

This is just a rough sample of what the final storyboard might look like. this is more to give an idea of the direction and essence I want to go with. There may be parts that need more added to them or parts that need to be removed entirely once it goes into the finalization process.

Style samples:
This is a colored concept sketch for the style I would like the animation to be in. Since this is supposed to be a child's imagination, I want brighter colors with these sorts of textures added that "change" as the character moves. Technically speaking, what I want is texture artists to create texture paintings that can then be clipped onto different objects. The objects would be moving, but the texture paintings would not. I know this might sound awkward and it is honestly just a tad difficult to explain properly. It is lucky for me that I brought a couple more visual samples with me. Below is a sample texture painting I made:

I took this image and then clipped it onto a quick bouncing ball animation to give a rough sense of what this style of animation might look like:

In the animation, I have a moving, bouncing ball. The clipped texture though, stays completely still. The ball moves across the screen while revealing different portions of the texture painting from above. I would want this style done throughout a large portion of the animation, primarily in the portion where the girl is separated from her mother. This style is meant to be used to show her imagination while she is searching.

Below is the flowchart of roles and their organization:



  1. I like your idea of wonder land how far you have pulled the idea. It is good to see your sketches and story board. Even without looking at the text, I sort of got the idea of where you are going.

  2. i like this idea for an animation. i really enjoy the color concepts that you had come up with and a story like this really needs some extravagant colors to compliment.

  3. A very nice and thorough proposal indeed. I hope we can muster enough support to get this project nominated.

  4. I think your Idea has been very well developed and that everything is explained throughly. Nice work!

  5. From what you told me last time, your idea has expanded beautifully. Looking at the pictures, I can see you already know what you want and the direction you want this animation to go towards. The short bouncing ball animation with the pattern clipped to it was a great example of what you wanted. Great job with the thorough documentation!

  6. I really like the idea for the textures. It reminds me of the cartoon chowder. It's a very well thought out idea and story that I wouldn't mind taking part of.

  7. Very in depth and well planned proposal. You seem very passionate about this idea which is good.