Monday, March 25, 2013

Project DuBoe: Break Time's Over

Spring Break is officially over and now it's time to start pushing out the final documentary for Project DuBoe. There's about two weeks left which should be a fair amount of time to fix any issues and make sure it looks great. Last time the class met, I was able to get a few of the interviews for the video. During the break, I went through the interviews marking down different points they make and tried to find suitable clips to pair with what was said. That way I can show what is being talked about instead of having a lot of the time being a people sitting on a couch. I also tried to make connections between different interviews so I can switch the order around and spread them out instead of having one chunk be person A, one chunk be person B and so forth. The next step for when the group reconvenes is to finish the rest of the interviews so I can finish the shot list and connections.

Unfortunately, my video editing software has been acting funny this past week. I was unable to edit footage during that time, but with my plans and layouts, I shouldn't be too far behind. I know I said something about little promotional videos, but those might need to happen after the main project with these recent developments. I have a few ideas left to get my software running again and I have a plan B in case they do not work. Hopefully I can have the issue resolved by tomorrow so I can crank this out.

While I have no video or screenshots of what I did between the 14th and today, I do have a scan of the notes I've been taking while going through the footage last week:

These notes will be finished and expanded upon once the interviews are completed.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Light 'Em Up: FX animation (rough pass)

Currently in my Animation 2 class, we are working on effect animation. Effect animation includes things such as fire, decay, water, weather and just about anything that's not a person or animal. For my animation, I plan on having the opening be dark. A whole bunch of floating, ghost candles will then spontaneously light up to reveal this library space. For now, all I have is the timing for the candles lighting up. Next steps will be to include the candles, give the fire more movement after they light up, create the floating effect and to create a glow for the light.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Project DuBoe: Moving Forward

Last Sunday was the first day of filming "Project DuBoe." As the Director of Documentary, I have been getting a fair amount of behind the scenes shots. Personally, I've filmed about an hour and a half worth of video that will then be edited down. I've included some of the most recent stills at the bottom of this post. Next step will be to start finishing all of the interviews and to begin editing down the footage I already have. Not everything will be used for the final documentary, but there are talks of using some of the footage to make little "extras" videos. These shorter videos would be used to reward fans for different milestones such as 100 likes on our facebook page (which is right here). Spring break also starts next week which means I'll have a week to work on projects so keep your eye out for more updates in the near future. There may even be a special video of this project just for the occasion. For now, enjoy some still shots:

En Garde! Yazmin (left) helps Cody (right) practice his stage fighting with wooden prop swords.

The Bear Prince's outfit set up on a tree to avoid being on the ground.

Cody undergoes the process of becoming a dwarf with the help of KT and Yazmin.

The videography crew helps the actors learn their choreography for the fight scene.

KT putting some final touches for the outfits of Snow White and Rose Red.

Prepping the shot. The videography crew are determining where they need to position the actors and the cameras for the best shot possible.

Rose helps Snow off the ground during the fight sequence.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project DuBoe: Documentary Progress

So far, I've been taking footage of the preparation stages of the project. Below are some screen shots from the footage:

The sweet taste of victory! There is celebration over the new look of the blog and getting the background to look right.

Let's get down to business! There is a meeting to write the script. We have some future models in the group who decided to pose for the shot.

The Director met with some of the editorial department to go over the project's blog.

The wardrobe department gets together to come up with the looks for the actors in the styles of the project.

Makeup tests being applied to a hand in order to see how the combination works and what it will look like.

Break time! Our director was kind enough to buy the whole group donuts during a meeting last week.

I've also made a rough schedule of what I will be filming when:

This is subject to change since my schedule has to correspond to the master schedule. I can't film things that aren't happening the day I schedule them to. This forces me to be more flexible in my schedule so I can capture the things that are happening each day. The interviews probably won't change much since I want to interview people when their departments' job is near completed. I also need to leave that last week for video editing, so I need to be done filming the week before that.

I will be getting more footage during the next group meeting and during the film shoot which is happening this weekend. Keep an eye out for some of those photos which will be up early next week. Until next time,

-Matt W.

Paintings 5

Monday, March 4, 2013

Introducing: 2 New Personal Projects

Recently, I've been working on a lot of school assignments and I miss doing projects for myself. One thing I've done to fix this is I've created a list of projects that I want to work on for myself. This post is to introduce the first two projects on my list, both of which are dragons, by posting the working sketch for each. These dragons will both be fully colored and given a fitting backdrop or setting.

The first one, which I'm currently working on in my free time, is called "Blade's End Dragon:"

The second dragon is called "Seven Seas Dragon:"

I hope these sketches give you enough of a sampling to become interested in these projects. I'll post updates about these projects and might include a video showing the creation of the illustrations layer by layer at the end. Until next time.

-Matt W.