Monday, March 25, 2013

Project DuBoe: Break Time's Over

Spring Break is officially over and now it's time to start pushing out the final documentary for Project DuBoe. There's about two weeks left which should be a fair amount of time to fix any issues and make sure it looks great. Last time the class met, I was able to get a few of the interviews for the video. During the break, I went through the interviews marking down different points they make and tried to find suitable clips to pair with what was said. That way I can show what is being talked about instead of having a lot of the time being a people sitting on a couch. I also tried to make connections between different interviews so I can switch the order around and spread them out instead of having one chunk be person A, one chunk be person B and so forth. The next step for when the group reconvenes is to finish the rest of the interviews so I can finish the shot list and connections.

Unfortunately, my video editing software has been acting funny this past week. I was unable to edit footage during that time, but with my plans and layouts, I shouldn't be too far behind. I know I said something about little promotional videos, but those might need to happen after the main project with these recent developments. I have a few ideas left to get my software running again and I have a plan B in case they do not work. Hopefully I can have the issue resolved by tomorrow so I can crank this out.

While I have no video or screenshots of what I did between the 14th and today, I do have a scan of the notes I've been taking while going through the footage last week:

These notes will be finished and expanded upon once the interviews are completed.

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