Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project DuBoe: Documentary Progress

So far, I've been taking footage of the preparation stages of the project. Below are some screen shots from the footage:

The sweet taste of victory! There is celebration over the new look of the blog and getting the background to look right.

Let's get down to business! There is a meeting to write the script. We have some future models in the group who decided to pose for the shot.

The Director met with some of the editorial department to go over the project's blog.

The wardrobe department gets together to come up with the looks for the actors in the styles of the project.

Makeup tests being applied to a hand in order to see how the combination works and what it will look like.

Break time! Our director was kind enough to buy the whole group donuts during a meeting last week.

I've also made a rough schedule of what I will be filming when:

This is subject to change since my schedule has to correspond to the master schedule. I can't film things that aren't happening the day I schedule them to. This forces me to be more flexible in my schedule so I can capture the things that are happening each day. The interviews probably won't change much since I want to interview people when their departments' job is near completed. I also need to leave that last week for video editing, so I need to be done filming the week before that.

I will be getting more footage during the next group meeting and during the film shoot which is happening this weekend. Keep an eye out for some of those photos which will be up early next week. Until next time,

-Matt W.

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