Tuesday, April 30, 2013

D4M: "Wonderland," A Race to the Finish

We're almost there. "Wonderland" is due in one week so it's time to go beyond the limits to finish the job. So far I've been mostly working on background stuff, so I've been focusing more on the rough animations this week. All of the following animations are still rough and will be cleaned up for the final presentation. This first clip is for the dramatic look-up to see the intimidating stranger:

I'm pleased with the shift currently, but the lightning effect is still a tad off with the timing. I've animated fire before, but lightning is new to me. Fortunately, I have friends who have animated lightning that I can ask for tips and feedback. I have been researching lightning effects and here is one video I used as reference:

This second animation is where the store transforms into "Wonderland." There are two versions below to give a sense of effect and a sense of timing. Here is the one for the effect which is animated on 2s:

This second one is animated on 4s presently, but will have more inbetweens so that it is on 2s for the final:

This third one, I wanted a few butterflies to fly by during the animation, so I researched butterflies flying. Here is the video I used as reference:

Here is the loop I made:

I plan on going back to fix the wings since there are several sections that look off during the loop that I find just a little distracting.

This last one that I have to show is a walk cycle for some rabbit-like creatures that will be in the background of a couple scenes. Like the transformation scene, I have two versions to show. The first is a line art rough and the second is a style rough. Here is that line art loop:

Here is the styled rough:

This is another cycle I need to fix since the steps don't seem to be timed the same creating an inconsistent walk cycle which may work if done intentionally and well.  

As a bonus, here is the texture used for the rabbits:

With a lot of the set-up and roughs I've managed to create thus far, I believe that I'll be able to turn in at least a decent animation. I hope you're all excited to see this project next week!

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