Monday, April 8, 2013

Design 4 Media: "Wonderland" is back! (Student Choice Project)

In our Design for Media class, our last project is going to be student's choice. This means that we determine what we want to create and how we want to create it.

What I want to create is a short animation piece that's somewhere between 30 seconds to 1 minute. the animation I want to create is the same as the one I proposed for the pipeline project which I called "Wonderland." The original proposal can be found here. Since it was originally meant to be done in a group of about 15 people, there are some changes I need to make since now I will be in a group of just myself.

I am majoring in animation yet I haven't had much time to work on personal projects. This assignment is a great excuse now to set aside a chunk of time to work on this animation that I wanted to make anyway.

The main concept will stay  the same with a child being lost in a store and going on a fantastical journey. Here are the original concept sketches I made:

The story is about a child who gets separated from her mother and tries to find her way back inside of a department store.
I made a color sketch to try and portray the style I would like to make the animation in. I also made a quick animation to test that style:

Since I am working solo on this assignment, it is important for me to come up with a schedule and stick to it. Here is an idea of the schedule I've made for myself:

This is a more realistic schedule plan, but it would be great if I could work on and finish parts sooner than scheduled so I can have more time making sure I create a high quality product.

With that, "Wonderland" is now set to be put into production! I hope you are interested in seeing this animation realized and my progress towards that realization.

As a bonus, here is an animation that inspires me and this project:

"Universe" -Maaya Sakamoto

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