Monday, April 15, 2013

"Wonderland" character design and style test

This last week, I've been making some progress on my "Wonderland" animation. My time has been spent creating a final character design and creating the textures that will be clipped onto her. Here is the progression of my final design  for the central character:

I tried keeping as much of the original design as possible, but I did change some aspects such as no longer having a scarf and the addition of bows in the hair. After I had a final design, I took different aspects of her and made some texture paintings which will be used to fill in those parts. I made 6 so far for her and there might be need for 1 or 2 more for her shoes and belt. These are what I have so far:

1. eyes:

2. coat:

3. hair:

4. leggings:

5. button:

6. Bow:

I then took these textures I made and applied them to a sample walk cycle of the final character to get an idea how each texture works for what they are meant to do. Here is that sample walk cycle:

"Wonderland" is coming along fairly well thus far. I'm sticking with the storyboard I had before, although I may shorten the opening and closing sequences based on time restraints. I should be working on  the rough animation, the backgrounds and the rest of the textures this week so expect to see samples of those by next Tuesday at the latest.

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