Monday, May 6, 2013

D4M: "Wonderland" Excerpt (Student Choice Project Final)

For my student choice project, I managed to create an excerpt for a longer animation I have planned. Through the course, I found my original plans were a little too ambitious so I had to make decisions on what would be reasonable for this assignment. I originally had 4 scenes planned for this excerpt, but I only managed to finish 3 on time. The scenes included are: the "transformation" sequence, walking through Wonderland and encountering the stranger. Here is the finished excerpt:

The scene I failed to include for this post is the girl running away from the stranger which shows Wonderland transformed into a dark, evil setting. I've had the scene planned and mostly prepped but, due to time constraints, I chose to focus on the other 3 scenes to make them clean and polished instead of having 4 rougher looking scenes. It was a hard lesson in time management, but a necessary one too. This is the first time I've attempted an animation this ambitious with such a short turnaround time. It has helped me identify how much time it takes me to do different aspects and how much time I should leave myself in order to solve any issues that arise. The problems I faced and resolved with this assignment though will help save some time on future projects with similar issues. I have learned several other things as well in order to create this excerpt. I've researched how to do walk cycles from the rear-side view, how fabric moves, how to create a lightning effect and other aspects. Even though it's a short excerpt, it was a great excuse to learn new animation techniques.

 This excerpt is not the end of "Wonderland," but is instead a launching point so I can finish it  over the summer. Until then, I hope this excerpt is satisfying enough.