Monday, June 3, 2013

Banjo Head Design 1

Recently, I've had the opportunity to design an image for a banjo head. I was told to make a sunset design that has both a tree and a more ornate night sky. Here is the sketch that was approved:

Once the sketch was approved, the next step was to sketch it out on the banjo head itself. The design was slightly modified to work with the bridge of the banjo and where the owner rests their hand.

After the sketch was finalized on the banjo, the next step was to cover the images and the metal around the head with artist's tape before painting the background.

Everything is covered so painting can begin. The medium chosen was acrylic paint and it was mixed with a lot of water to create the background. Once it was all laid out, all I could do was wait for it to dry.

The paint is dry after several hours.

All of the tape has to be removed so the images can be painted on. Unfortunately, some paint made it through the tape, but it's not too much of a problem.

The final part was to mix the right colors and paint the images onto the banjo head. Here are a couple images of the final design:

Medium: Acrylic Paint.
Time spent on final: approximately 9 hours.

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