Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mistress of Blood (Color design and backstory)

This illustration was made to develop the color palate for my Mistress. I went with a red heavy palate since she is the mistress of blood.

The mistress was a noblewoman while alive, but met with a terrible demise. She lived within the walls of Ventrelience, the great mansion that overlooked the now abandoned city of Umbrex which lies far from the city of Obsumbra. She never left her home and was abusive towards her servants for years. One night, a group of her servants bound her in her basement and tortured her. She died holding an insurmountable amount of anger, hate and pain which warped her spirit. From her mutilated corpse rose the Mistress of Blood, who exacted vengeance by personally executing everyone within the mansion, indifferent to whether they were part of the group which tortured her or not. Even with the executions completed, those strong feelings have not subsided. She still wanders the halls of Ventrelience seeking to satiate her warped desires. Those foolish enough to seek refuge within the mansion walls will soon find it to be their final resting place.

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