Sunday, April 6, 2014


Recently, I've been doing more pieces like The Sun King and they've been coming out great. Here are some of the pieces that have come out of it:


Some of these pieces, I start with an object and turn it into a geometric shape. For example, I started with a tree outline in the center ring and filled the negative space with geometric lines. The middle ring uses the center ring as a sun with rays emerging from it. The outer ring uses the off-centered middle and center rings to create a crescent moon. The piece is titled cycles for various reasons such as being based on the moon cycles, day cycles, life cycles, etc.


Some pieces like this are more of a conceptual idea than a solid idea where there are no real solid form to make the whole piece. This piece does use several recognizable objects, but they do not affect the overall form of the piece like Cycles.

Clockwork Wheel Cross

This is another object based design. This specific piece starts with an equal arm wheel cross and adds rectangles to turn it into a cogwheel.

The Center of the World:

This is another conceptual piece starting with a ring for the world and a spiral made to look vaguely like a dragon in the center.

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